The lawyer Square Enix hired in New Zealand to harrass me has called me several times to tell me ‘Hey, its summer now, why don’t you just forget about your project and go relax in the sun. This could all just go away if you agree to our demands’.

Luckily have been able to find a great law firm who has experts in IT and copyright. They actually understand what OpenC1 is technically (they are the first lawyers I’ve dealt with in this whole case who have…) and how New Zealand copyright law applies to this case :)

Now that I have official counsel, I told the Square Enix lawyer to just talk straight to my lawyer and never call me again, which was enjoyable!

As it currently stands, I have agreed to not infringe Square Enix’s copyright in the future, but I will be releasing new OpenC1 versions shortly. Watch out next week for an OpenC1 progress update :)