OpenC1 v1.3 is now available

  • Download OpenC1 1.3 here
  • Download OpenC1 Non-copyrighted data folder here

Read the instructions in the readme.txt file first. Basically you have to extract the data folder to somewhere, then set the ‘Data folder path’ in OpenC1Settings.txt to point to it. You must read and agree to the license.txt in the OpenC1 download before using OpenC1. Please note - as the license states, if you are affiliated with Square Enix you are prohibited from using OpenC1 or the OpenC1 source code. So there! Speaking of source code, OpenC1 is now actually open! Full source is hosted on google code at If you are interested in helping out, please jump in.

I’ll be probably be taking a break from OpenC1 development to concentrate on other projects. I feel like I’ve learnt almost all I will learn from this project, and plus its summer here in New Zealand which isn’t good coding weather!

Merry Christmas :)