Software engineer, hobbyist game developer

TL;DR I embedded a RESTful API into the classic 1993 game DOOM, allowing the game to be queried and controlled...

Slack client for Commodore 64
Slack is great. Many smarter people than me also think that Slack is great. Slack is great because its simple...

Carmageddon 1 debugging symbols dumped
TL;DR - Dumped a 17 year old debugging symbol file for a game called Carmageddon. Take a look at the...

WebDebugger for Mac
Debugging HTTP proxy for OSX

Open source remake of the original Need for Speed 1 game

Popular tool to pull music/videos/photos off your iPod

An open source remake of Carmageddon. Using XNA and Nvidia PhysX.

iPhone Disk Drive
Access files on your iPhone or iPod Touch through Windows Explorer