I first started building SharePod around 2005 when I got my first iPod - a 3rd gen. iTunes wasn't even available for Windows, and instead it came with MusicMatch Jukebox plus an iPod plugin - a really nasty solution!

I hated MusicMatch, and was familiar with hex editors from editing games, so I got to work reverse engineering the iPod's custom database file. Back then there was no database encryption, which made it much easier.

The free, final 3.9.9 version supported these features:

  • Edit music and videos
  • Edit playlists
  • Edit album art
  • View and backup photos
  • Copy music, videos and playlists from your iPod to PC and back to iPod
  • Import music and videos into your iTunes library, including playlists and ratings
  • Tag editing
  • Drag-drop between SharePod and Explorer
  • Simple, clean, quick to load and use with no unnessary complicated features
  • Support for iPhone and iTouch (Thanks to Nikias Bassen, Paul Sladen, Jonathan Beck, and Christophe Fergeau for making this possible)

In 2013, when it was acquired, getsharepod.com served 10,000 page views and 6000 downloads per day.