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Software engineer, hobbyist game developer

OpenC1 v1.3

OpenC1 v1.3 is now available

  • Download OpenC1 1.3 here
  • Download OpenC1 Non-copyrighted data folder here

Read the instructions in the readme.txt file first. Basically you have to extract the data folder to somewhere, then set the ‘Data folder path’ in OpenC1Settings.txt to point to it. You must read and agree to the license.txt in the OpenC1 download before using OpenC1. Please note - as the license states, if you are affiliated with Square Enix you are prohibited from using OpenC1 or the OpenC1 source code. So there! Speaking of source code, OpenC1 is now actually open! Full source is hosted on google code at If you are interested in helping out, please jump in.

I’ll be probably be taking a break from OpenC1 development to concentrate on other projects. I feel like I’ve learnt almost all I will learn from this project, and plus its summer here in New Zealand which isn’t good coding weather!

Merry Christmas :)

Still dealing with legal headaches...

The lawyer Square Enix hired in New Zealand to harrass me has called me several times to tell me ‘Hey, its summer now, why don’t you just forget about your project and go relax in the sun. This could all just go away if you agree to our demands’.

Luckily have been able to find a great law firm who has experts in IT and copyright. They actually understand what OpenC1 is technically (they are the first lawyers I’ve dealt with in this whole case who have…) and how New Zealand copyright law applies to this case :)

Now that I have official counsel, I told the Square Enix lawyer to just talk straight to my lawyer and never call me again, which was enjoyable!

As it currently stands, I have agreed to not infringe Square Enix’s copyright in the future, but I will be releasing new OpenC1 versions shortly. Watch out next week for an OpenC1 progress update :)

Wow where did all that traffic come from?

I’ve had a big increase in traffic since the last post, and I’ve seen some confusion from people who haven’t been following the blog about what this project is and is not about.

As a completely amateur game developer and big Carmageddon fan, I put together a map and model viewer using file format specs available on the internet. I had a lot of fun doing that, and I continued implementing more features. I didn’t expect many people to be interested in what I was doing - it was mostly just for my own interest.

Here are the salient points:

  • It is a purely amateur, fan-made effort
  • I haven’t tried to reverse-engineer any of the original code
  • I’m not profiting from this in any way
  • The OpenC1 engine I have developed simply loads arbitrary files from a folder and figures out how to display them.
  • The first release included the free, official, un-modified Carmageddon demo (which of course it shouldn’t really have - but again, I simply didn’t think anyone would be that interested)
  • It now won’t require any original copyrighted content, thanks to the C1 community who have created their own cars and tracks.

I’ve been advised not to make any other comment on legal issues until they have been resolved :(