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Software engineer, hobbyist game developer

OpenC1 1.4

So I meant to post this a couple of weeks back, but things have been pretty crazy busy with moving to San Francisco from New Zealand.

OpenC1 1.4 is available now from


  • Downloads and uses free C1 demo, SplatPack demo and SplatPack Xmas demo content
  • Fixed (for real this time) ATi rendering issues
  • Lots of small bugs
  • Added pedestrian gibs
  • Added support for some strange SplatPack .pix files
  • Fixed gameplay issues like being awarded credits and time for the AI running over peds

Edit: OpenC1 1.4 source code now available on Go check it out!

Carmageddon is back!

Now its official news I can tell you guys - Stainless Software has got the rights back to the whole Carmageddon series!!  

There is a new Carmageddon game in the works, and for me, no more Square Enix legal threats!  There is also a possibility of the original game being re-released for modern Windows system which personally I am pretty excited about :)

So check out the new and get involved on the community forums!

I'm not sure exactly what this means for OpenC1 - as you can tell development has stopped for a while and I'm working on other projects, but I've been talking to Stainless on and off for a while and they are pretty supportive which is great!

Thanks for all the feedback

Thanks everyone

1.3.1 is available -


  • New setting “Disable culling” which should fix cars being partially invisible if you have an ATi card
  • More logging (to log.txt) which includes files opened and crash information.
  • OpenC1.pdb included in zip file. This means more detailed crash information will be generated to help diagnose problems.

Please submit problems to the Issues list at It will help to keep all problems visible.

If you can replicate a crash in 1.3, please use 1.3.1 and submit your log.txt after the crash.