Jeff Harris

Software engineer, hobbyist game developer

Sumo track

The hidden/multiplayer/not sure track ‘Sumo’. And an added free view of my desktop

This is what success looks like

Not sure what happened to the wheel textures here…

Loading file formats

I’ve got .MAT (materials), .ACT (actors), .DAT (models) and .PIX (textures) files loading. What I need to do next is hook them together, so when you draw an actor, it draws the associated model using the associated materials, using the associated textures. Currently having a bit of trouble getting the actor transformations to apply correctly to the model, but its in progress!

Once that is done, getting the textures working should be pretty easy, then I can post some more interesting screenshots :)

Im planning to use JigLibX (a free physics engine), which will hopefully mean we can jump ramps and smash lightposts/phoneboxes/etc. I used it for a while for my Need For Speed remake, but at the time it just wasn’t working well enough to be fun. But I had a look at their demo app a couple of nights ago, and it looks great now :)