Jeff Harris

Software engineer, hobbyist game developer

Smashable things!

In Carmageddon-speak, smashable track things are imaginatively called ‘Noncars’. They include objects like traffic lights, trees and signs. I’ve partially implemented them into PhysX. You should be able to bend them before knocking them over, but I haven’t figured out the bending part yet.

Once i’ve finished that part, I’ll do another video, then next up is hooking up a real engine/gearbox model, then animations :)

Physics test 2

This one shows off a load of hard work integrating Nvidia PhysX. Its far from perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it so far! Tuning physics engines to get correct but fun behavior is very challenging, and so far I’m confident that it will be the hardest part of the project and something that will never be fully ‘finished’.

Vehicle shadows

Got car shadows going. I’ve got texture filtering turned on in this screenshot which looks good close up but makes it too blurry in the middle-distance. Removing texture filtering makes it look much more pixellated, like the original :)