Jeff Harris

Software engineer, hobbyist game developer

Carma UI is pretty much finished

Good news - the original UI is implemented, using the original textures and buttons! It was pretty fiddly getting everything in the right place and looking right, but its done.

I’ve taken screenshots including the window border because its pretty hard now to tell apart from the original:

I’ve changed the Race selection window so instead of choosing from a boring list of track names, you get to see the screenshot and description:

In the car selection screen I actually render the 3d model instead of using the 2d artwork. There is only artwork for the drivable cars in the original game, and since you can drive all cars in the remake, that is a problem! Using the 3d models also means addon cars work better, so im happy enough with it :)

MiniMap overlay

Got the map view working. Was quite easy in the end - in the map data files is a matrix which describes how to calculate the 2d map position from where the vehicle is in the 3d world. Then I just had to scale the result for the current resolution (out of the matrix of course it is scaled for 320x200 resolution).

I’ve overlaid the map instead of rendering the map over the whole screen and having the race view in a little window like the original. Its not quite as cool, but at this point I want to keep moving onto other features.

Next up is doing some basic UI for choosing races and cars :)

Back in the coding zone

I’ve been really busy as usual with work and not a lot of time to work on OpenCarmageddon. In the last week or so I’ve got back into it though, and right now its full steam ahead :)

Thanks for the feedback from the last video, hopefully i’ve sorted most of the problems:


  • Vehicles don’t bounce away from walls in big crashes (as seen in the last video)
  • Corrected the center of rotation for taller vehicles (Screwie and Dump especially)
  • Reduced amount of vehicle particles (in the last video they were all over the screen)
  • Implemented the width of AI paths defined in the map data so AI can get around the tracks much better
  • When the player gets far away from the AI, the AI is respawned near the player
  • If the player gets far enough away from an attacking AI vehicle, the AI will resume racing, instead of trying to track down and kill the player forever…
  • Cops! Cops are now implemented and fully functional, including the Special Forces cop in the Blood On The Rooftops map.

Todo in the next couple of days:

  • Race completed - camera animation, exit the map etc.
  • UI to choose car and map.  Right now its all hard-coded. Then I’ll finally be ready to implement pedestrians.  I’m going to try to spend a bunch of time on OpenC1 in the next couple of weeks to get pedestrians in there :)