Had a good gamedev session with a couple of good mates last night and finally got some coding done after being too busy for the last few weeks.

Pedestrians are 90% done. This won’t mean much to anyone who hasn’t hacked around with pedestrians, but Actions, Sequences and Paths are all done. So pedestrians stand around until the player gets close, then they turn and run away, (until you hit them when they die).

Last night I got the pedestrians to accelerate on impact, so it really feels like you’re hitting something. :) Before tuning it, I had the pedestrians pinging off the car in all directions - it looked really funny so I’ll keep that as an option to turn on ‘pedestrian impact bounce’ or something :)

Next week there will definitely be a demo out. I’m going to package up OpenCarmageddon.exe with the official Carmageddon demo and let everyone try it out! Later edit: This has caused me legal trouble, so from now you’ll have to download the demo from somewhere else first)

Its hard to for me to see obvious problems now because I’ve been looking at it for so long, so im looking forward to getting some feedback (good and bad!)__

I’m not going to have time probably until wednesday night, so look out for it at the end of the week!