I’ve been really busy as usual with work and not a lot of time to work on OpenCarmageddon. In the last week or so I’ve got back into it though, and right now its full steam ahead :)

Thanks for the feedback from the last video, hopefully i’ve sorted most of the problems:


  • Vehicles don’t bounce away from walls in big crashes (as seen in the last video)
  • Corrected the center of rotation for taller vehicles (Screwie and Dump especially)
  • Reduced amount of vehicle particles (in the last video they were all over the screen)
  • Implemented the width of AI paths defined in the map data so AI can get around the tracks much better
  • When the player gets far away from the AI, the AI is respawned near the player
  • If the player gets far enough away from an attacking AI vehicle, the AI will resume racing, instead of trying to track down and kill the player forever…
  • Cops! Cops are now implemented and fully functional, including the Special Forces cop in the Blood On The Rooftops map.

Todo in the next couple of days:

  • Race completed - camera animation, exit the map etc.
  • UI to choose car and map.  Right now its all hard-coded. Then I’ll finally be ready to implement pedestrians.  I’m going to try to spend a bunch of time on OpenC1 in the next couple of weeks to get pedestrians in there :)