I’ve got .MAT (materials), .ACT (actors), .DAT (models) and .PIX (textures) files loading. What I need to do next is hook them together, so when you draw an actor, it draws the associated model using the associated materials, using the associated textures. Currently having a bit of trouble getting the actor transformations to apply correctly to the model, but its in progress!

Once that is done, getting the textures working should be pretty easy, then I can post some more interesting screenshots :)

Im planning to use JigLibX (a free physics engine), which will hopefully mean we can jump ramps and smash lightposts/phoneboxes/etc. I used it for a while for my Need For Speed remake, but at the time it just wasn’t working well enough to be fun. But I had a look at their demo app a couple of nights ago, and it looks great now :)